Created by a team of artists and scientists, RE/ME is an experimental, immersive technology that uses vibration and sound stimuli to change bodily self-perception. From August 1st to August 12th 2018, people from the Bay area were invited to visit RE/ME at the Swissnex building on pier 17, Embarcadero, San Francisco.


​RE/ME is a tool that uses vibration and sound to increase body awareness. Body awareness can positively influence a range of different mental and physical issues. One way to increase body awareness is to apply vibration on the skin. RE/ME applies targeted and carefully composed vibration on the body to enhance awareness of those parts. RE/ME is a mediator that encourages reconnection with your body.


  1. RE/ME is currently being produced in Plymouth and the Philippines by four researchers. To find out more about the research behind RE/ME and how it works please visit the 'research' page on our website.
  2. The RE/ME team are excited to have been awarded a residency with DART in San Francisco. ​After competing with a number of projects at Hack The Brain Amsterdam, we presented alongside a select few at BOZAR in Brussels. If you would like to come and trial the RE/ME experience please find details below.

Diego Maranan

is a design researcher who uses technology to understand and improve individuals’ relationships with their body. Diego has a background in computer science, dance, and somatic techniques and was a CogNovo PhD fellow. He is an Assistant Professor in Multimedia Studies at the University of the Philippines Open University.www.diegomaranan.com

Frank Loesche

is an expert in computer science and EEG technologies, yet these are only facets of his incredibly varied research and work outputs. As a CogNovo PhD fellow he researched the 'eureka!' moment and his work focuses on problem solving and emerging solutions.CogNovo.eu/Frank-Loesche

Sean Clarke

is an acclaimed composer whose work also comprises composition for film and experiential design installations. With a background in contemporary performance, composition and sound engineering, his work focuses on our contextual perception of sound and music.www.seanclarkecomposer.com

Agi Haines

is a multi-award winning speculative designer and artist whose work focuses on the design of the human body. As a CogNovo PhD fellow, Agi studies how people might respond to the possibilities of our body as another everyday material. www.agihaines.com